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Essay by undergraduate intern Jacquelyn Du nominated for a prize in Economics (May 2019)

via Yale Department of Economics News

Brain biomarkers identify those at risk of severe PTSD symptoms (January 2019)

via Yale News

Risky behavior declines with age, and gray matter may explain why (December 2016)

via The Washington Post

Risk avoidance in older adults is related to brain anatomy, not age (December 2016)

via Yale News

When food's the reward, obese women's judgment fails them (July 2014)

via the Los Angeles Times

Obese Women 'show signs of food learning impairment' (July 2014)

via BBC News

Why Older People Tend to Be Poor Decisionmakers (September 2013)

via Time Magazine

Why the Teen Brain is Drawn to Risk (October 2012)

via Time Health and Family 

Teens Don't Really Like Taking Risks, Study Finds (October 2012)

via U.S. News Health

The Decision Making Study at Yale University (September 2011)

TV spot via WTNH News 8

Teen Risk-Taking Shows Tolerance of Unknown Outcomes 

via PsychCentral